First Baptist of Lake Benton Calls New Pastor

Photo Courtesy of Lake Benton Valley Journal

From the Lake Benton Valley Journal:

As of Aug. 11, a new face could be seen at the front of the First Baptist Church of Lake Benton, and a new voice could be heard preaching the Word of God.
That face and that voice belong to Pastor Richard Riley.
Pastor Riley, who recently took over after Pastor Mark Fish retired, has come to Lake Benton with his wife and six children to lead the church and serve the community.
“I would consider it a divine calling,” said Riley. “I’d say that God led us here through the church calling us.”
Pastor Riley grew up in Richfield. After high school he attended Bible college and seminary. Then he worked as an assistant pastor in Waupaca, Wisc. for 11 years before receiving the call from the First Baptist Church.
Pastor Riley made the trip from Waupaca on Memorial Day weekend to preach, teach and interview at the church. One week later the invitation to come join the church was extended and Pastor Riley graciously accepted.