2014 Resolutions

Whereas the messengers of the Minnesota Baptist Association have gathered at Prior Lake Baptist Church for its 155th Annual Meeting, Be it resolved that we express our appreciation to the pastors and the people of Prior Lake Baptist Church for their effort in making the messengers welcome during our Annual Meeting. Be it further resolved that we also express our appreciation to the program committee for their input in planning a wonderful meeting. Further appreciation goes to Dr. Samuel Horn for his excellent preaching at the meeting. Be it further resolved that we would encourage each church to pray for the continual success of the churches within our association.

Whereas, we are seeking the expansion of Christ’s Church both within our state and around the world, whereas, Baptist church planting efforts are needed in Minnesota and our surrounding states, Be it resolved, that we urge all messengers and associated churches to pray, invest, and participate in starting new churches within our region. Be it further resolved, that we support the Church Planting Program of the Minnesota Baptist Association and the church plants of our associated churches as the Lord allows and burdens.

Whereas, we believe that the Christian’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we affirm Scripture’s warning against intoxication and drunkenness, and we respect the parameters laid down by governing authorities, and we are aware of changing societal norms and attitudes in regards to marijuana use, and we are mindful of the detrimental effects of marijuana, including diminished brain function and impaired observation, memory, and reasoning skills, Be it resolved that the churches of the Minnesota Baptist Association submit to Scriptural principles and abstain from recreational use of marijuana. Be it further resolved that our churches comply with existing laws regarding medical usage, and appeal to the people of our churches to employ wisdom and discretion as regulations are established to control medical usage, and encourage our government in its efforts to regulate the prescription and distribution of medical marijuana, and alert churches to the pitfalls of recreational marijuana use and other similarly addictive substances and behaviors.

Whereas Dr. Kevin Bauder has recently contributed to Baptist and Fundamentalist interests, including Baptist Distinctives and New Testament Church Order, published by Regular Baptist Press, and his contributions to The Spectrum of Evangelicalism, published by Zondervan, and his upcoming book* detailing the history of Northern Baptist Fundamentalists, coauthored with Dr. Robert Delnay which is to be published by Regular Baptist Press, Be it resolved that we recognize that these resources serve as useful tools to those seeking to understand the Biblical positions and principles that have defined churches such as ours in the past, and by God’s grace will continue to be indicative of the churches of our Association until our Savior’s return. We commend Central Baptist Theological Seminary and Fourth Baptist Church of Plymouth for enabling Dr. Bauder to devote the time and resources necessary to generate these works.

*One in Hope In Doctrine is now available.