In Memoriam | Minnesota Baptist Association Hall of Faith, July 2014

Presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting

We have a great heritage passed on to us by those long dead and loudly sung heroes of the faith, those working mightily right now, those who for years faithfully discharged their calling of God and have just recently been called into His presence. These leave us with a very clear and personal vision of service and faithfulness. It is appropriate that these men and women of our churches who “stayed by the stuff” for many years be remembered in this assembly and their God be thanked for His grace in their lives and testimony. May their faith be an encouragement to us in the days ahead.


First Baptist, Baxter Sister Loraine Frimood
Chisago Lakes Baptist, Chisago City Sister Catherine LaCasse
First Baptist, Lake Benton Brother Keith Clipper
First Baptist, Little Falls Brother Ramon Hall
First Baptist, Marshall Sister Diane Moore
Sister Mary Hansen
Sister Renae Hammerstrom
Bryant Avenue Baptist, Minneapolis Brother Bob Anderson
Brother Charles Flint
Sister Jeanette Thompson
Family Baptist, Minneapolis Sister Beverly Larson
Brother JR Griffin
Oakdale First Baptist, Oakdale Sister Loretta Jensen
Sister Katherine Meuleners
Grace Baptist, Owatonna Sister Gloria Anderson
Fourth Baptist, Plymouth Sister Alice Roos
Sister Pamlyn Frey
Sister Betty Tombers
Sister Nadine Davey
Brother Robert Jagg
Brother Marty Bing
Brother Paul Wheeler
Prior Lake Baptist Church, Prior Lake Sister Dorothy Miller
Granite City Baptist, St. Cloud Sister Marjorie Jowdy
Highland Park Baptist, St. James Sister Louise Garner
Brother Dale Ottum
Brother Larry Warrnemunde
First Baptist, Saint Francis Brother Ken Hooker
Grace Baptist, Stillwater Sister Ruth Mikulski