Update Regarding the State Missionary

Greetings Fellow Pastors and Churches of the MBA,

31419_439059467432_4028707_n[1]It is with great joy that I inform you that Bob Fuller Jr. has accepted the position of State Missionary of the MBA with the intent of starting May 1st, 2015. The State Missionary Search Committee received many applications for the position. They narrowed down the applicants to three and then finally down to one. That person (Pastor Fuller) was then interviewed and then presented to the Full Board at the last Board meeting. He was examined further by the Board and upon satisfaction of the Full Board as evidenced by vote Pastor Fuller was offered the position of State Missionary. Since that time Pastor Fuller discussed the opportunity further with his God, his wife, and his church. The net result of that process is that the MBA has a new full-time State Missionary! We praise God for the healthy process of the Search Committee as well as the clarity of the Board in their vote. The coming edition of the North Star Update will contain an article about Pastor Bob Fuller Jr. to further acquaint you and your church to our new State Missionary.

What difference does this change make to you, a church that is part of the Minnesota Baptist Association? By God’s grace, it will make a large difference. The major motivation for the paradigm shift from a part-time State Missionary to a full-time State Missionary is the growth and health of the churches of the MBA. Pastor Fuller will be dedicating his full energy and abilities to the progress of the association churches. This will include renewed efforts towards church planting, towards pastoral and congregational support, towards shared resources and shared ideas. There is no sense in creating a position for the sake of a position, but there is wisdom in creating a position that will benefit and support the local churches which make up the MBA. Such is the purpose of the association. This hire is a direct effort to support and strength your church.

With all of that in mind, would you be willing to let your congregation know about the efforts the MBA is making towards being a blessing to them by hiring Bob Fuller as State Missionary? As a fellow pastor in a sister church it is my joy to see the association of which I am a part of work hard at making an impact in local churches across Minnesota. May God bless you as you seek to bring glory to His name in the communities in which God has placed you.

Steve Brower

MBA Secretary