Pastors and Wives Retreat March 28-29, 2016- “Renewing Spiritual Gifts”

Here is a reminder for the Pastors and Wives’ Retreat. Last year’s gathering was great. Expect the same thing this year – but you have to come. It will be here in no time! First Baptist Church of Baxter will again host the event on March 28-29th. “Renewing Spiritual Gifts” will be our theme.

Remember, this is a time for Pastors and their Wives to have a time out. We would like to challenge all churches to make it possible for all their pastoral staff to attend. Missionaries are also encouraged to attend.

There will be a few workshops, discussion times and plenty of fellowship. Come prepared to take home food and gifts of all kinds.
Cost: $25 per couple (there will be a $5 per child charge. Newborns not charged). No childcare or children’s programming will be available. If you can utilize childcare from your church, you will gain more from your involvement in the retreat (and your children will have more fun).

Hotel Reservations: Baymont Hotel (next to church) 1-218-822-3922. Extended reservations may also be made for Sunday and/or Tuesday.
Retreat Reservations:
Registration: March 28th, 11:30 a.m.
Meals included: Monday supper and Tuesday lunch. Breakfast is available at the hotel.
This year we will have a fun “Carnival” themed supper followed by a string concert. Come prepared for a relaxing time!

You should get your registrations in soon so the church know how to prepare.