Executive Committee

    The MBA Officers plus:

  • (Class 0f 2014)-Pastor Greg Linscott
  • (Class of 2013)-Pastor Dave Grotzke
  • (Class of 2012)-Pastor Doug Roman

Finance Committee

  • Mr. Brian Veth, Chairman
  • Mr. James Martin
  • Mr. Wayne Newhouse
  • Mr. Randy Quiring
  • Pastor David Whiteford

Annual Meeting Program Committee

  • Pastor Gerald Stephens, Chairman
  • Pastor Lee Ormiston
  • Pastor Shad Vork
  • Mr. Brian Veth

Youth Committee

  • Pastor Josh Stephens
  • Pastor Chris Friese
  • Pastor Chris Juvinal

Family Camp Committee

  • Pastor Lenard Huebscher, Chairman
  • Pastor V. Richard Jensen
  • Pastor Todd Williamson

Planting and Watering Committee

  • Pastor Doug Roman, Chairman
  • Pastor Steve Brower
  • Pastor Matt Morrell
  • Pastor V. Richard Jensen
  • Pastor David White
  • Pastor Daniel Lowe
  • Pastor Loren Bjokne


Resolutions Committee

Pastor Todd Williamson (Chairman)
Pastor Rob Adams Dr. Kevin Bauder
Pastor Joe Haynes Pastor Mark Fish
Pastor Tim Barr Pastor Michael Verway

Nominating Committee

Dave Van Loh, Chairman James Snow
V. Richard Jensen Bart Goetz
Dwight DePenning Pastor Cary Flink
Rev. David White Pastor Matt Morrell